Since its beginnings in 1993, Circet has constructed the fixed and mobile networks of telecoms operators on French territory. In a context of stiff competition and increasing speeds of all telecoms networks, the company is now the leading provider for telecoms operators in France.

Very high speed fixed networks


3,600 municipalities to be connected to the very high speed network

With the Plan France Très Haut Débit (superfast broadband plan for France), which aims to deploy very high speed fixed networks nationwide by 2022, the authorities play a leading role. This prospect is not just a godsend for our industry segment but also a tremendous boost in terms of employment and regional planning. The France Très Haut Débit plan has earmarked 20 billion euros of public and private-sector investments over 10 years, by 2022.

The operators are ready to get down to the job in "private" areas with the highest demographic density, covering 57% of the population. This zone, known as AMII, represents 10 million dwellings and 3,600 municipalities. After concentrating on very densely populated zones for the second year running in 2016, the operators are deploying very high speed networks mostly in less densely populated zones.

With a quality offer of "turnkey" services, Circet plays a leading role with telecoms operators. Fewer than ten or so companies provide fibre-optic network engineering and construction services.